Tesla Model S Car Insurance
Tesla Model S Car Insurance

Insurance for your Tesla Model S can be expensive. That's because they're considered high-end cars and they often cost more to repair.

The costs can also vary based on where you live and your driving history. You should always get multiple quotes before choosing an insurer to make sure you're getting the best rate.

Safety Score

The Safety Score is a new feature in the Tesla Insurance app that tracks driving habits and rewards responsible behavior. Drivers get a daily score and a rating of 0 to 100, which affects your monthly premium.

Safety scores are a common way for auto insurance companies to determine the risk they assume when insuring drivers, and insurers use them to help them decide whether to insure you. In some states, including Arizona, California, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas, the Safety Score is used to determine your monthly premium.

A lower Safety Score will result in a higher premium, so the more safety-conscious you are, the lower your insurance costs will be. Fortunately, you can easily track your Safety Score with the Tesla Insurance app and improve your score for a lower premium.

The safety features that affect your Safety Score include:

Hard Braking Factor

This factor doesn't actually measure how hard you press the brake pedal, but instead how quickly you come to a stop when using your brakes. In reality, you can stop your Tesla faster than this factor permits without slamming on the brakes.

Unsafe Following

This factor measures how long you're behind a car at a distance that is too close for your Tesla to react safely to a crash. When the system senses that you're behind another vehicle, it will trigger an audio and visual warning.

Late Night Driving

The company recently added a new factor that measures how much time you spend in your Tesla between 10 PM and 4 AM. It assesses that consistently being out during this six-hour period "will lead to a lower Safety Score," so the company recommends staying off the road during this time.

These factors are a part of the company's overall Safe Driving program, which also includes forward collision and emergency automatic braking. A forward collision warning is triggered when your vehicle senses that you're about to hit something, and you'll receive an auditory and visual notification.

Real Time Insurance

Insurance for a Tesla is often much more expensive than that of a typical car, due in part to the specialized tech inside the vehicle. Moreover, repairs for Teslas can be costly because they typically require original Tesla parts and tools.

In order to make sure that its customers don’t have to pay more for their coverage, Tesla has launched a new service, Real Time Insurance, to assess driving behavior. This allows the company to use its own technology already installed in Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y vehicles to determine premiums based on actual driving behavior instead of relying on data culled from an external device.

According to Electrek, this insurance service is now available in five states: Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, and Nevada. It is not currently offered in California, but will probably be added there in the near future.

The insurance program offers a number of different kinds of coverage, including liability, collision and comprehensive. Additionally, the service offers rental car reimbursement and roadside assistance.

It also offers coverage for wall chargers and electronic key replacement. Its policies have lower average rates than those of competing insurers, which may help to offset the higher cost of owning a Tesla.

However, even though it can save you money, the best way to determine if this is a good fit for your needs is to get a quote from several companies and compare them. You should also take into account your driving record, your car’s features and your location.

Once you’ve determined that you want to get insurance, it will be easy to purchase your policy on the Tesla mobile app. It will give you access to your policy documents, including your insurance card. It will also give you the ability to update your payment method and to file a claim right on the app.

If you have a Tesla, Real Time Insurance can save you up to 40% on your premium compared to other insurance products. It’s also possible that the company will offer discounts to drivers who agree to let it monitor their driving habits.


Tesla Model S car insurance policies are designed to provide coverage for drivers who own and drive Tesla vehicles. They use your driving behavior to calculate a Safety Score for you and your vehicle, which helps determine the premium amount you pay.

Your Safety Score is based on a variety of data points that are collected from the vehicle itself. These include information about your acceleration, braking and steering. This information helps to assess whether your car is safe and what it needs to do to avoid accidents.

This Safety Score can help you save money on your car insurance and may qualify you for certain discounts. For example, if you use autopilot mode, your driving will be evaluated for a safe-driving discount and you might save on your premium.

Privacy issues are a growing concern for owners of driverless vehicles, especially as some manufacturers like Tesla install cameras that can monitor and record what you do on the road. The company's Sentry Mode camera-based security system has come under fire from privacy advocates who believe it invades the private lives of other motorists by recording events and people that get too close to your car.

In addition, there are also concerns about the data a car's infotainment system collects from a driver. The infotainment system may store data about the apps and features used in your vehicle, as well as the time and location of these activities.

For example, if you use the voice command feature in your infotainment system to change the temperature in your vehicle, the voice recording will be saved and processed by the system. However, Tesla does not associate this recording with your VIN or account to protect your privacy.

You can disable the capture of audio voice recordings and prevent the transcription of your voice commands to protect your privacy. This is done through an option in your vehicle's dashboard.

When you choose to enable the capture of location data, it may be shared with third parties to power in-vehicle maps, navigation and mobile app locations services. You can opt out of this data sharing at any time from the Software menu.

Customer Service

If you need to file a claim, Tesla is there for you. It will work with you and your insurance provider to help you get back on the road in your Tesla.

You can submit a claim using the Tesla app or by phone, and your claims specialist will be in touch with you to provide support. They will also walk you through the process and make sure that everything is handled as quickly as possible.

Depending on the type of coverage you select, your policy will cover a number of things. These include damage from a collision, fire or other acts of nature, theft and vandalism. They also offer rental car reimbursement and gap insurance to cover the difference between what you owe and what your vehicle is worth in the event of a total loss.

Your premium will be based on the safety score of your vehicle and your driving habits. The higher the Safety Score, the lower your monthly premium will be.

As you drive your Tesla, the more you use its features and sensors, the safer your driving will be and the higher your Safety Score will be. This helps to keep your monthly premium low, and you can change your policy at any time to reflect your improved driving behaviors.

One of the biggest reasons that Tesla is able to charge such low premiums is because it has access to more driver data than any other company. This gives them a better understanding of how drivers drive their vehicles and how they use them.

This makes it easier for them to determine the best prices for insurance. And it also means they are able to create better products and services for their customers.

They also have a team of experts that help drivers switch insurance companies without having to deal with an annoying phone call or duplicate paperwork. This is a great way to save money and time.

If you are looking for the right auto insurance for your Tesla, GEICO can answer all of your questions and provide you with affordable insurance. We have been in business for over 100 years and have a wide variety of coverage options.