How Much Does Hyundai Azera Car Insurance Cost?
How Much Does Hyundai Azera Car Insurance Cost?
Hyundai Azera car insurance

If you’re in the market for a new Hyundai Azera, it’s worth considering how much insurance will cost. The cost of car insurance varies from company to company and is based on several factors, including your driving history, the vehicle you drive, and where you live.

If you’re looking to save money on Hyundai Azera insurance, look for policy discounts. These include reducing your deductible, bundling coverages and having a safe driving record.


Hyundai Azera insurance rates can be higher or lower than the average car rate, depending on your risk profile. The best way to find the cheapest rates is to compare quotes from multiple companies. You may also want to consider combining multiple policies, like home and auto, with the same carrier.

Your age, gender, and location are also factors that affect your rate. Younger drivers pay less than older ones, for example, while those who live in rural areas tend to have fewer accident claims than city dwellers.

Another factor that can affect your rates is the type of vehicle you drive. Generally speaking, cars with more power and high performance tend to have higher insurance costs than cars with low horsepower and less expensive features.

In addition, some vehicles that offer high safety and security features can earn you an auto insurance discount. In some cases, this can be a substantial percentage of your total cost.

You can also reduce your Hyundai Azera car insurance cost by avoiding certain activities, such as committing traffic infractions or driving under the influence. This is because these infractions can result in large increases to your insurance premiums, regardless of your actual driving record.

The Hyundai Azera is a mid-sized luxury sedan that has been around since 2006. Its safety features, performance, and technology make it a good choice for many drivers.

Compared to other cars in its class, the Hyundai Azera has very affordable car insurance rates. The average cost is $1,538 a year for full coverage. This makes it much cheaper than the median costs for other large cars in the same segment, which is $1,562.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, the Hyundai Azera might be a good fit for your needs. Its base price is just $34,100 for 2017, and it’s available in two trim levels, which makes it easy to find a model that fits your budget.

The Hyundai Azera has a long list of standard safety features, including anti-lock brakes, air bags, and traction control. In addition, it comes with plenty of technology and convenience features that will keep you connected on the road. It also boasts a comfortable interior, plenty of room for passengers, and excellent fuel efficiency.


If you’re in the market for a new car, it’s worth investigating the insurance costs associated with your prospective purchase. You’ll want to compare the rates offered by a range of trusted companies and make sure that you have enough coverage to protect your Hyundai Azera should something happen to it.

The cost of car insurance varies greatly by car model, your driving record and where you live. A 40-year-old driver could pay as little as $650 a year in states like Idaho, Maine and Iowa, or as much as $1,400 on average in Michigan, Louisiana and New York.

Another factor that affects the overall cost of car insurance is your gender. If you’re a female, your car insurance rates will be lower than if you’re a male.

You may also be able to save money by purchasing your Hyundai Azera from an insurer that offers discounts, such as good student, multi-policy and homeowner (bundling). If you’re not sure how to find these discounts, speak with a local agent.

A high-performance vehicle can raise your insurance rate, particularly if it is involved in a collision or gets a traffic ticket. In fact, if you get in a single accident or receive a few tickets, your insurance rates can jump by as much as $22 per month.

If you have a 2006 Hyundai Azera, you can expect to pay about $156 per month for liability only or about $199 for full coverage. You can find the cheapest policies by comparing quotes from several insurers online using The Zebra’s easy-to-use auto insurance comparison tool.

One way to save on your auto insurance is to choose a higher deductible. You can start with a lower one, but you should consider raising it as soon as possible to reduce your premiums.

It’s also a good idea to get your car inspected regularly, as some insurance companies offer discounts for those who have clean records.

Choosing a top-rated insurer near you that provides perfect customer services and competitive prices is an excellent starting point for finding the best Hyundai Azera car insurance. This company will be able to help you determine the exact amount of coverage that you need for your specific car and budget.


Hyundai Azera car insurance comes with different deductibles, depending on your driver profile and the level of coverage you purchase. These deductibles can make a big difference in the overall cost of your policy, so it’s important to choose the right one for you.

Deductibles can also vary based on the specific trim level of your Hyundai Azera, so it’s best to get a quote from multiple companies and compare them. This will help you find the lowest possible rate for your vehicle.

In addition to your age and driving history, the type of trim you select for your Azera can impact how much you pay in insurance. For instance, a midsize sedan is a safer bet for drivers than a compact vehicle or an SUV, and this is reflected in the price of your Hyundai Azera car insurance.

Your mileage can also affect how much you pay for Hyundai Azera car insurance. The more miles you drive, the higher your rates will be. However, if you only drive a few thousand miles a year, it’s likely that you can save money on your premium.

The average Azera is more expensive to insure than a Honda Pilot or a Toyota Camry, but it’s still significantly cheaper than other luxury models. This is partly because the Azera offers a lot of standard safety features, including active safety technologies that help prevent accidents.

Azera drivers will also have access to a range of discounts, which can reduce the total cost of their Hyundai Azera car insurance. Some of these include good student discounts, low mileage discounts and multi-vehicle discount plans.

There are also discounts available for teen drivers and older drivers. These may be available for both full and liability insurance, depending on the company you work with.

The Hyundai Azera is a great choice for families who need a spacious car with plenty of luxuries and safety features. Its standard equipment list includes all of the latest active-safety technology and a number of upscale touches. It's also backed by a strong warranty.


The Hyundai Azera is a well-equipped premium sedan that starts just under $35,000 for the base model. There's a wealth of safety features and standard equipment to make this a great choice for your next car.

The Azera comes in two trim levels — SE and Limited. The base model has a lot of nice features, including leather seating and an 8-inch touchscreen with navigation, rearview camera and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. You'll also find blind-spot monitoring, power-folding side mirrors and heated front and rear seats.

Insurance rates for the Hyundai Azera are quite affordable. They run about $193 per month more than average for full coverage and $20 more than for liability-only policies.

If you want to save money on your Azera insurance, consider lowering your mileage. Drivers who aren't on the roads very much can often get cheaper prices because they have fewer accidents and claims.

Another way to save on your insurance is by switching to a 'pay-as-you-drive' or 'usage-based' policy. These plans use your actual driving habits to predict how likely you are to file a claim, which can save you money in the long run.

While it may be tempting to lie about your mileage to save money on your insurance, it's best to tell the truth. Most car insurance companies will check your annual mileage totals throughout the year and ask for a proof of coverage when they do.

The mileage you drive each year is a major factor in your insurance rates. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) estimates that the average U.S. driver drives 13,476 miles each year.

However, it's important to note that the actual number of miles you drive will differ depending on your lifestyle and your job. Many drivers drive a lot for business purposes, which can significantly increase your annual mileage.

Your vehicle's value is also a big factor in how much your Hyundai Azera car insurance costs. Those who own more expensive vehicles tend to have higher insurance premiums because of the added risk. Those who drive older models that aren't as valuable can usually get cheaper Hyundai Azera car insurance since they are less expensive to repair and replace.