Car Insurance in Bennettsville South Carolina
Car Insurance in Bennettsville South Carolina
Bennettsville South Carolina car insurance

In Bennettsville, South Carolina, the average cost of car insurance is around $1.011 per year for adults. For young drivers (16-24), the cost is even higher: $1.483. Senior citizens, on the other hand, pay an average of $566 per year. Your rate may vary based on your driving history and location.


The average cost of car insurance in Bennettsville, SC is around $319 per month for single car drivers. The price you pay will vary by zip code and other factors, such as the accident rate and age of the population. Compare car insurance rates in your zip code to find the best deal.

If you're on a budget, Geico can be a good option. The company's coverage calculator makes it easy to figure out what your car insurance will cost. Plus, they offer many discounts, including good student, multiple vehicle and federal employee. While Geico has the second-lowest average premium, it may not provide the level of protection you need if you get into an accident. Minimum coverage policies don't cover the cost of repairs or replacement of your car after an accident, so you'll need more than just liability coverage.

Drivers who have serious violations and suspended licenses will need to file an SR-22. Not all drivers need this, but drivers who drive a lot and drink often may be considered high-risk. Although high-risk insurance is expensive, you can reduce the cost of car insurance by asking your insurance company for a price match. Remember, insurance fraud is illegal in every state of America, so you should never pay more than you have to.

For drivers with poor credit, Geico may not be the best choice, but it still offers the most affordable rates in South Carolina. On average, GEICO policyholders pay $492 annually. Other insurers, including State Farm and Nationwide, are more expensive than Geico. Moreover, married drivers experience fewer accidents than single drivers, so their rates tend to be lower. Full coverage costs on average are 9% lower for married drivers than for unmarried drivers in South Carolina.

Car insurance is an important requirement in South Carolina. A lapse in coverage could lead to a large bill, so it's important to have proof of insurance before driving. A South Carolina driver who is caught driving without insurance may have their license suspended or registration suspended. In addition, they may have to pay a reinstatement fee of up to $100.

Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau car insurance in Bennettsville South Carolina is a great choice for anyone looking to save money on auto insurance. The organization's history traces its roots to farmers throughout South Carolina, and the insurance company takes a personal approach to each customer. Unlike some other companies that take a one-size-fits-all approach to insurance, Farm Bureau takes the time to get to know their customers, and their agents believe in commitment with a handshake.

The Bennettsville branch of Farm Bureau Insurance is managed by Billy Massengale, who can be reached by phone or online. You can get directions to the location using Google maps by clicking here. If you live in Bennettsville, SC, you can visit the company's home page and use the address to get directions.

The South Carolina Farm Bureau argues that the Financial Responsibility Act does not mandate car insurance coverage for intentional acts. They maintain that reasonable exclusionary clauses are permitted in an insurance contract, and that invalidating an "intentional acts" exclusion from an insurance contract violates well-established public policy. However, this argument overlooks both the actual wording of the statute and the crucial distinction between voluntary and compulsory insurance.

U.S. Bank

If you are looking for a car insurance policy in Bennettsville, South Carolina, you have many options. One of these options is State Farm. The company works with Trupanion to provide top-notch pet medical insurance for its customers. If your pet is involved in an accident, State Farm can cover the expenses.

State Farm provides car insurance in Bennettsville, SC, as well as a variety of insurance options. State Farm offers insurance plans that fit different needs, including new drivers and collectors. They also offer discounts for customers who have a home and auto policy with them. They also offer a variety of annuities that can help with retirement.

State Farm

State Farm car insurance in Bennettsville South Carolina is an option that will protect you in many different ways. For example, it may cover damages to your home, or your car might be covered in case of an accident. This insurance company also provides other services, including renter's insurance and life insurance. In addition, they can cover businesses.

State Farm has 1 branch location in Bennettsville South Carolina. This site provides information about the branch, including its hours of operation, address, and phone number. If you are interested in purchasing a policy in Bennettsville South Carolina, you should contact a State Farm agent. The agents will be able to assist you with your needs.

If you need a rental car insurance policy in Bennettsville South Carolina, you can visit State Farm to learn more about this type of insurance. In addition to offering rental car coverage, State Farm also offers insurance for collectors and business travelers. The company is also the largest provider of auto insurance in the U.S. and offers a variety of discounts for customers who have both home and auto policies through them.

Car insurance in Bennettsville South Carolina costs an average of $1,376. This includes discounts for multiple car insurance policies, as well as comprehensive insurance. A minimum amount of coverage is $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage. Liability-only policies will cost $3,591 for two vehicles.