Car Insurance in Ashland Ohio
Car Insurance in Ashland Ohio
Ashland Ohio car insurance

There are many different types of Ashland Ohio car insurance policies. You can choose from State Farm, Farmers, Progressive, and GEICO. The agents at these companies are knowledgeable about auto insurance in Ohio and can help you choose the right policy. They are also happy to provide a free quote for you.


Farmers car insurance in Ashland Ohio is a great option for people looking to protect their vehicles and their financial well-being. The company offers a variety of insurance policies to meet the needs of different people. These policies range from liability insurance to comprehensive and collision insurance to uninsured motorist coverage.

Farmers has many offices throughout Ohio, including Ashland and Westerville. These offices are located at 221 Church St, Ste 5, and Justin Hufstetler-Farmers Insurance. They are licensed agents in nearly every state in the U.S. They are also affiliated with some of the largest car insurance companies in the country, including Allstate Insurance, Geico, Liberty Mutual, and State Farm. Farmers has agents in Ashland and they should tell you which company they are affiliated with.

In Ashland, you can find a Farmers office by contacting the company's customer service department. Customer service representatives are happy to answer questions and help you find the best policy. In Ashland, you can also compare insurance rates online and in-person with an agent. Some customers report saving up to $50 per month. In addition, the insurance agents are more than willing to explain all of the different discounts and how they can affect your rates.

You can also shop for car insurance in Ashland online by entering your zip code and selecting several agents. Make sure to choose an agent you are comfortable with and that provides you with the best protection. Rates vary depending on your car and driver risk profile. A driver in the metro Detroit area may pay as much as $5000 a year, while someone in a more affordable region may pay as low as $1000 a year.


When it comes to customer satisfaction, Progressive is on par with Allstate, AAA, and Travelers. In our survey, 53% of respondents would recommend Progressive to friends and family, and 41% of claimants were very satisfied with their experience with the company. Customers have a variety of reasons for choosing Progressive, including the quality of its services and affordability.

Car insurance costs vary widely, and your home state plays a large role in the cost of your policy. Full coverage, collision coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage all depend on the state where you live. There is no single insurance company that can offer you the best rates in Ashland, and comparing multiple quotes is essential.

Progressive offers competitive rates for young drivers. Female and male young adults are eligible for discounts of up to $1,300. The company's rates are about 13% lower than the national average for young drivers. They're also substantially higher than the rates offered by USAA, Geico, and AAA.

Another factor that will affect your rates is your driving record. A DUI, multiple traffic violations, or unsafe driving will affect your premium. Progressive also offers DUI-friendly policies. For those with a criminal history, DUI insurance rates are slightly higher than the rates offered by other companies. These rates are still affordable for those with a clean driving record.


If you are looking for the best car insurance in Ashland, Ohio, you have come to the right place. Allstate is an insurance company that specializes in many different types of insurance coverage. The company was founded in the early 1930s as a division of Sears. In 1993, the company went public and became an independent company. It is listed on the NYSE as ALL and has an annual revenue of around $32 billion. The company's corporate headquarters are in Northfield Township, Illinois.

The company has a long history of selling car insurance, but it may not be your best choice if you want the best customer service or claims handling. Additionally, Allstate's rates are some of the highest in our review. If you have poor credit, you may want to consider looking for a company with lower rates.

You can use an online tool to compare rates and choose the best coverage for your needs. This way, you can see what each policy in Ashland, Ohio has to offer. In addition, you can determine the type of coverage you need and which discounts may be available. Some people may only need liability coverage, while others may need comprehensive coverage.

Young adults should consider other insurance companies when they need to purchase car insurance. For example, Geico and USAA offer car insurance rates that are almost 21% lower than national average rates. However, these two companies are still cheaper than Allstate. If you are a young driver, Allstate's rates are much higher than the national average.